American Chinatown

Author Interviews

August 11, 2009 on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show. Listen to the story:

August 12, 2009 on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Listen to the story.

August 18, 2009 on SCPR’s AirTalk with Larry Mantle. Listen to the story.

August 18, 2009 on KNPR’s State of Nevada. Listen to the story.

August 19, 2009 on KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny. Listen to the story:

August 20, 2009 on CNN International’s CNN Today. Watch the story:

Q&A with Jean Yung, Annenberg School of Journalism,
University of Southern California
“What have the Chinatowns in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Honolulu meant to each city and to America? And how does the newly developing Chinatown in Las Vegas figure into the landscape? In American Chinatown: A People’s History of Five Neighborhoods, Bonnie Tsui follows the lives of several generations to explore the identity specific to the Chinatown experience.”

August 27, 2009 Q&A with The Faster Times
“Woody Allen once said: ‘I’m astounded by people who want to “know” the universe when it’s hard enough to find your way around Chinatown.’ Sadly, Woody didn’t know Bonnie Tsui when he made that statement. Her latest book forms a series of elucidating images of what these communities mean to the people who live inside them as well as those of us who would look at them from a distance. In the end, Chinatown, as a concept, comes to mean something larger about the nature of traveling in search of Otherness, but at the same time the book provides a deep look at what makes each of these communities tick and progress.”

August 31, 2009 on KALW’s New America Now. Listen to the story here.

September 7, 2009 Talk with The Los Angeles Times
“How five Chinatowns in five American cities have created a special sense of community — and, in the case of the one in Los Angeles, an interesting relationship with Hollywood.”

September 24, 2009 Talk with The New York Times
“New York City’s Chinatown encompasses the old and new, reflecting both its century-and-a-half of history and its current influx of fresh immigrants. Bonnie Tsui, author of American Chinatown, gave a tour of the highlights of the one in Manhattan, where her grandparents settled in 1960 to work. ”

October 7, 2009 Interview with World Hum
“There has always been a Chinatown in Bonnie Tsui‘s life. Though she was raised on New York’s Long Island, Tsui writes in her book that it was Manhattan’s Chinatown where her family went ‘to be Chinese.’”

October 21, 2009 Interview with Las Vegas Weekly
“Tsui explores the roots of Chinatown in Las Vegas — it was the dream of a California vegetable farmer-turned-developer named James Chen — along with the neighborhood’s fight for legitimacy and its growth as a community.”

November 24, 2009 on KALW’s “Your Call”
“How do our family history and historical roots help us to map our present and our future? Writer Bonnie Tsui writes about her journey in her latest book, American Chinatown.”

December 2, 2009 Simon & Schuster Author Video

December 18, 2009 Interview with The Honolulu Advertiser
“Tsui doesn’t ignore the complex issues that face many Chinatowns — crime, rising costs, problems of new immigrants, land values. Her primary goal, however, was to gather the stories that will lead to conversations.”

February 1, 2010 Q&A with Rolf Potts for his monthly travel writer series

February 22, 2010 Interview with The Oakland Tribune
“[Tsui's] childhood trips led to a lifelong relationship with Chinatown, not just in New York, but with Chinatowns around the world. She delved into their histories, and examined how today the tremendous economic changes occurring in mainland China are changing the faces of America’s Chinatowns.”

March 19, 2010 Videocast of the Friday evening lecture series at the City University of New York

June 21, 2011 A conversation with The Creosote Journal
“Bonnie Tsui charts the changing landscapes of five American neighborhoods… places of constant reinvention: immigrants coming to build new lives and identities, urban neighborhoods in economic and cultural flux. Today more than ever, they’re a portrait of changing urban dynamics and intergenerational complexity.”

December 31, 2011 Bonnie Tsui takes All Things Considered host Rebecca Sheir on a walk around New York’s Chinatown, and discusses the changing face of America’s historic neighborhoods.

January 8, 2013 Bonnie Tsui joins KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny to discuss Philip Choy’s new book, San Francisco Chinatown: A Guide to Its History and Architecture.