American Chinatown

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May 24, 2010
makena:i Having a mechanic in Chinatown means a good lunch while waiting for oil changes.

robb0t: You know which city has a HUGE Chinatown? Hong Kong.

eddieburger: Gosta de comida chinesa? Então experimente o #ChinaTown: pão de hambúrguer, peito de frango, abacaxi grelhado, molho chinês e muitas fritas!

April 26, 2010
viawesome: Dear Chinatown meter person: last week you gave me two tickets for parking my scooter legally. None this week, please.

davidSEIBEI: Chinatown NYC. I’m gonna have to pay an oversize bag fee but it’ll be so worth it.

skage: New banksy streetart in chinatown San Francisco

Raedances: It is one of those days. I want to ride the train past work and go shopping (eating) in Chinatown.

March 18, 2010
stat29: Craving some bubble tea but too busy to go get some in Philly Chinatown.

RickFamuyiwa: Walking thru chinatown thinking about Jake Geddes.

February 3, 2010
SCohenjehoram: Loop door chinatown en vraag me af: waarom geen folder in t Chinees?

minigolfpharaos: Chinatown Chill by Suff Daddy on #SoundCloud

spleen0000: if chinese new year is the 14th, why are the chinatown celebrations on the 21st? thought it was gonna be on valentine’s day ¬_¬

hyfen: While you all were curled up in bed last night, I was snapping photos of snowy Chinatown on my way home.

January 21, 2010
shawn_lillie: Life lesson: if you walk around chinatown long enough you will find turtle food. Pam eats tonight! :-) ha ha

ECUfilmfestival: New! Learn about ÉCU’s home PARIS: Chinatown a taste of modern Paris.

honadv: Chinatown 96817: Chinatown takes 6 of the 20 things to do:

jingalinggg: out to chinatown with mom. bleh -o-;

December 7, 2009
MeganSakura: Research on chinese gangs has forever tinted my perception of chinatown!!!!

HETHandJED: Busking the streets of NYC is no different than skateboarding a new trick down in Chinatown. U need to respect the city or it slaps back.

shunquan: chinatown for the 3rd day in a row. this time with mother.

mpiscitello: Pretty sure I just watched the Chinese version of Project Runway at a little noodle house in Chinatown. Win!

November 4, 2009
NY1noticias: Buscan a ladrón de banco en Chinatown

jspiro: Only a doctor’s office in NYC would have showtunes in the waiting room. And only one in Chinatown would have Chinese showtunes.

: Down at the courts/Chinatown. It’s a pleasant fall day!

tinhead: Virginia redneck: I love the Chinese, very nice people! You guys from Chinatown? Chinese woman: No, we’re from Brooklyn.

October 5, 2009
adrianmoss: 5 hours walking back streets Bangkok yesterday. Chinatown amazing. Alley industries. Scrap lane full of reclaimed engines + mini smelters

xolotl: wouldn’t it be ironic if the Chinese flag were actually flying on a building in Chinatown?

brfreed: “Chinatown” is buried in my Netflix queue. Should I promote it?

_dawen_: Thanks to everyone who came to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations! Chinatown, definitely feelin the love!

September 8, 2009
agentmule: Rolling through Chinatown, noticed that while devoted to chopsticks they’ve hedged their cultural predisposition by embracing the forklift.

lelandwong: – the old chinatown quickly disappearing

silentalliance: Saw Chinatown last night. Thought it was excellent, though there wasn’t all that much Chinatown in it.

freedomweknow: At chinatown having wanton noodles for lunch. Lots of old men playing chinese checkers.

August 6, 2009
batterista: What’s the best Chinese restaurant in DC’s Chinatown. Looking for quality, authenticity

antparty: Chinatown: where bball happens at 1:20am.

bramerth: in Chinatown trying to order 40 pieces of dim sum for the office. I don’t speak Cantonese, they don’t speak English. I think they’re annoyed

nicocoa: hittin that chinatown in vegas

July 9, 2009
notfortourists: Words we thought we’d never see together: “comfort” and “Manhattan Bridge”. Welcome to the new Chinatown.

acarvin: Heading out on a soup hunt in Chinatown. Sore throat requires some elixir of wonton.

conector RT @arnaldobranco: “Políticos, putas e prédios feios, todos ficam respeitáveis se durarem tempo suficiente” – Noah Cross em Chinatown

OsaB: In bank of america in chinatown. And nobody speaks english. The dollar bills are almost in chinese sef.

June 12, 2009
WorkinGreekGirl: Felt a need for adventure. Decided to take Fung Wah bus at last minute. I heard there are live chickens on the bus. Chinatown here I come.

motomon: hi back at the chinatown library. checking out the manga. reading inuyasha.

Decatron: Playing Chinatown on the DS. Man selling drugs has never been so much fun.

May 8, 2009
caropoiro: part dans le Chinatown pour partir au Japon

sashatong: Awesome If: my Popo (grandmother) would join Twitter! Miss her daily Honolulu Chinatown bargaining advice/ tasting /gossip report!

medebe: Preparando maleta para San Francisco; esta tarde a cenar con mi señora por Chinatown, mañana, gira turistica de la ciudad y…Chente!

carlmcdade: Growing up in Oakland Ca and going to school in the Chinatown district I had one big wish. Learn Mandarin Chinese. Is it too late?